Ford canceling Taurus X and Mercury Sable

Although recently named one of the safest cars in the U.S., the Mercury Sable is on the chopping block at Ford, along with its stablemate, the Taurus X crossover. Both are pinned to the Ford Taurus (previously called the Ford FiveHundred), which is being redesigned.

Neither the X nor the Sable have had much success in the marketplace, even though the Sable has received pretty high accolades (for safety, pricing and comfort). However, the public just didn’t like the Sable’s bland styling, and Ford is introducing the next generation of the Taurus in the spring.

The Taurus X is being phased out in place of the new Ford Flex, which is admittedly a much better vehicle, even if its boxy styling is a bit controversial.

Personally, in my opinion the Sable was a slightly better-looking vehicle than the Taurus, but both are pretty boring to look at and drive. Ford didn’t advertise the Taurus/Sable/Taurus X nearly as much as the Fusion, and thus sales suffered.

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