Meet the New Honda Prius…Wait, What?


New Honda Insight

Look at that photo and tell me what you see. If you’re like me, you see slightly restyled Toyota Prius. But we’d both be wrong; that’s not a Prius.

That’s the newly redesigned Honda Insight Hybrid.

Normally we hear about the Koreans copying designs from the Japanese, Americans or Germans for their new models, but now the Japanese are copying each other! Whodathunkit?

So basically Honda has restyled the Insight to no longer be super-efficient 2-door model (although from marketing shots, one should be available eventually). Rather, they’ve upgraded it to 4 doors and 5 passengers. Unfortunately, though, it sounds like it still won’t be a “true hybrid” where the car can run on the battery alone. Instead, it will continue to use Integrated Motor Assist¬†like in the Civic to aid the electric motor at low speeds. The car will also shut off when idling as with other hybrids.

The Insight will be smaller, lighter and (hopefully) less expensive than the Civic Hybrid, but pricing isn’t out yet. The vehicle is expected to premier at the Paris auto show in October.

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